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KV Points & Referral Program
What are KV Points?
KV Points is a "Reward Points" program which also doubles up as your e-wallet for "refunds". You earn "KV Points" for each successful order and "referrals". You can also ask for "refund" as KV Points for order cancellation, which can be used later to place another order.
"KV Points" are calculated only for actual cost of the products you pay after adjusting any discounts. Also the cost for shipping and COD is not considered for the same.
e.g. You purchase a product worth Rs.2,000/-. There is a discount of 5% on the prodcut and you also applied a coupon for 10% off, below is the calculation for actual amount payable by you;
Gross Cost        Rs.2000
Less 5% dis         Rs.100
>> Net cost       Rs.1900
Less coupon 10% Rs.190
Final cost Rs.1710/-
Your account will be credited with 18 "KV Points" (rounded off to upper value).

Your account is credited with "KV Points" upon successful delivery of your order. However, for Cash on Delivery orders it is added only after Payment is "realised" from customer. It can take up to 5-7 days for updating "KV Points" after collecting the payment from customer.

You also accumulate "KV Points" for referrals. Upon successful payment for each order placed by your referral, along with his/her account your account is also credited with 50% of "KV Points" earned by him/her. However, your referral should NOT already have an account with If your referral already has an account with KashmirVilla, you would not be eligible for the benefits.
e.g. If you referral's account is credited with 20 KV Points, your account will be credited with 10 KV Points.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your referral must follow the "link" shared by you to allow us credit your account with the benefits of "referral" program.

Refunds as "KV Points" In rare case if you decide to cancel an order but like to place an order for another product(s), you may ask for refund in "KV Points"
e.g. You decide to cancel an order for which you paid Rs.2,000/- and ask for refund as "KV Points". Your account will be credited with 2000 "KV Points" as soon as order cancellation is updated in the system.
Valuation of KV Points
It is as simple as 1 "KV Point" = Re.1
So if you have 500 KV Points in your account, you can purchase products worth Rs.500.
Obviously, you can make part payment with your "KV Points" and rest with other mode of payments i.e. Credit card, Debit card, Net banking or Cash on Delivery
KV Points redemption
You can redeem your "KV Points" once you have at least 50 of them in your account. You can even redeem them in part.
e.g. If you have 200 KV Points in your account and you are about to place an order worth Rs.600/-. You can either choose to redeem all of the KV Points or a part of it for making the payment. Let's say you decide to redeem 100 KV points for this order. Then you need to pay Rs.500/- via online/COD.
KV Points expiry
No, there is no expiry for "KV Points". You can use them anytime. They are as good as cash.
  • Very nice service. Easy to use website.

    Good quality products at reasonable prices.
    Amit N (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
  • Thanks for prompt shipment. It was shipped on July 28 and FedEx delivered it this morning. My wife has been using this product and loves it .
    Shiv Verma (New Jersy)
  • The details presented match exactly with the delivered product. They are so authentic and fresh. The packing is also very neat. Product delivered within the mentioned number of days.
    Sowmya Swaminathan (Chennai)
  • Liked the shawl very much same as shown in picture, good customer service, prompt international delivery.
    Suzie Mascarenhas (Auckland NZ)
  • Awesome suit kasmirvilla has awesome peoducts. .they take care of there clients. .thumbs up
    Sunita (Patiala PB)
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