Dried Cranberry Pack of 400 Gms

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Dried cranberries are bestowed with vitamins, minerals, fibers, as well as anthocyanin anti-oxidants, thereby enhancing, augmenting heart wellness and remarkably preventing the risk of cancer. Read on, to gain in-depth insight into the nutritional values, health benefits, side effects, as well as luscious, nourishing recipes, with dried cranberries.

Dried Cranberries Nutrition Facts:

Dried cranberries are super-rich in Vitamin C. It is also low in calories to help maintain body weight and supplies adequate essential dietary fibers and proteins. Furthermore, dried cranberries also offer the key spectrum of B vitamins to regulate metabolism and cellular energy requirements.

The following is the nutritional value of dried cranberries, per 100 g, in most organic, unsweetened packs of dried cranberries is as follows:

Energy        38 kcal


Carbohydrates 9.62 g

Dietary fiber        1 g

Fat 0.04 g

Protein 0.76 g



Thiamine (B1)     3%

Riboflavin (B2)    2%

Niacin (B3) 1%

Vitamin B6 3%

Vitamin C   73%


Iron  1%

Magnesium         2%

Manganese         1%

Phosphorus         2%

Potassium 5%

Sodium      0%

Zinc   1%

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